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You can create multiple groups as per you convenience for making the process faster.

Flexible Send To

In a single campaign you can even select multiple Individual Contacts along with Groups and our system will take care of duplicates.

Excel Upload

You can even upload all your contacts in 1 go through excel sheet.

Detailed Elements Pages

There are no upper limit for storing your contacts in your application.

Smart Tracking

Keep a track of anything and everything. From sent SMS logs to delivery time to frequently failed numbers and more.

Affordable Price

While quality comes at a price, our price comes with a reasonability tag.

Asked Questions

Bulk SMS also referred as bulk messaging simply means sending out a large number of SMS for delivery to targeted mobile numbers. A good bulk SMS Service provider will make the process of sending out these many messages easy with the click of a button. Bulk SMS helps businesses and enterprises to send out important information to their customers. Bulk messaging is widely used for transactions, promotions and mobile marketing.

There are two types of SMS, "Promotional SMS" and "Transactional SMS".

This type of SMS which are dedicated to be used mainly for promotional purpose. The Promotional SMS are only delivered to Non-DND numbers and works only between 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM.

This type of SMS are deliverd to both DND and Non-DND numbers and works 24 hours. But this type of SMS need to used only in following situations:

  • Information sent to its customer(s) by the Bank or financial institution or insurance company or credit card company or Access Provider pertaining to the account of that customer(s).
  • Information given by Airlines or Indian Railways or its authorised agencies to its passengers regarding travel schedules, ticket booking and reservation.
  • Information from a registered educational institution to parents or guardians of its students.

Most businesses usually look for cheap bulk messaging, free bulk SMS or cheap SMS Service provider in India. What they don’t realize is bulk messaging by default is less expensive than any other medium of transactional or promotional communication. The following are the benefits of messaging that’s how business can use bulk SMS services–

  • Sending of personalized and customized information.
  • Brand awareness to existing users or new users.
  • You can send critical alerts to users. Stock markets and banks use SMS service widely for this purpose.
  • This is an effective tool for internal or organizational communication.
  • It is still the fastest way to delivery any kind of information.
  • Automation within a business is not possible without online SMS services.

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