You have been chosen to go on a journey into the cosmos and reach where no man or machine has ever reached. Mission T.I.M.E.D. is about exploring and crossing 1 Light Year Mark with the help of various elements, math and most importantly your decision power & reflexes.

Use various power blocks to maneuver your character and reach farther in the TIMED Game Universe.

Solve simple Math equations or directly collect life numbers to increase your life points in order to survive in the game longer. In TIMED "Life Points" are crucial for your survival and are like the fuel that will take you farther in the game.

TIMED Game-play is easy but not that simple to reach 1 Light Year (300000000 meters)!

3 Ways of Responding

Traditional SMS, MsgDroid SMS & APP Msg.

GPS Location

Area Name based on your GPS Location is included in your Msg.

Multiple Modes

Personalize Modes as per your requirements.

Active Mode Timer

Turns off your mode automatically after specified time.

Msgdroid SMS

Cheaper SMS charges compared to most service providers.

Counter MSG

Single Reply to Auto-Received Msg.


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